Monday, 2020-09-28, 10:35 PM


Double Trinket DPS + Main Spell

/use 13 (тринкета)
/use 14 (тринкета)
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Icy Veins
/cast Frostbolt

3 Minute Mage Bomb

#showtooltip Pyroblast
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Arcane Power
/use 13 (тринкета)
/use 14 (тринкета)
/cast Pyroblast

Spam-able Arcane Missiles

/cast [nochanneling:Arcane Missiles] Arcane Missiles

Fast Counterspell

#showtooltip Counterspell
/cast Counterspell

Fast Ice Barrier

#showtooltip Ice Barrier
/cast Ice Barrier

Fast Ice lance

/cast Ice Lance

Cast Random Polymorph

/castrandom Polymorph, Polymorph: Pig, Polymorph: Turtle

Polymorph with party warning

/cast [harm] Polymorph
/stopmacro [noharm]
/p Sheeping %t! Don’t Break!

Summon pet and attack

/cast [nopet] Summon Water Elemental
/stopmacro [target=pettarget, exists]

Pet shatter bomb

/cast [pet] Freeze
/cast Frostbolt

Arcane Brilliance / Arcane Intellect

/cast [group:party] Arcane Brilliance; Arcane Intellect

Conjure All Mana Gems

/castsequence reset=45 Conjure Mana Emerald, Conjure Mana Ruby, Conjure Mana Citrine, Conjure Mana Jade, Conjure Mana Agate

Curse Removal

/cast Remove Lesser Curse

One Button Teleport

/cast [mod:alt,mod:ctrl]Teleport: Silvermoon;[mod:ctrl,mod:shift]Teleport: Thunder Bluff;[mod:alt,mod:shift]Teleport: Stonard;[mod:shift]Teleport: Shattrath;[mod:alt]Teleport: Orgrimmar;[mod:ctrl]Teleport: Undercity;[nomod]Teleport: Dalaran

Един клик макро за телепортиране

  • Alt+Ctrl: Silvermoon
  • Shift+Ctrl: Thunderbluff
  • Alt+Shift: Stonard
  • Shift: Shattrath
  • Alt: Orgimmar
  • Ctrl: Undercity
  • No modifier: Dalaran

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